Welcome to Alvin Myo Dunn American Legion Post 365 Vista, CA. USA

Important message for American Legion Post 365 or VFW Post 7041 members who have open VA Claims filed by our Service Officer Bruce Degnan:

With the untimely passing of Bruce, all open claims have been transferred to:

Casey Davis

San Diego Regional Benefits Office

You can contact him through one of the sourced listed below:

Casey Davis

San Diego Regional Benefit Office
8810 Rio San Diego Drive Room 1173
San Diego, Ca. 92108
(619) 400-5301
(619) 400-5302
(619) 400-5637
Mon-Thur 0730 – 1600
Friday 0800 – 1200

Website – https://ald22.org/contact-us/service-officer-resources/

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